“Elena’s Tabata Bootcamp™ fit my lifestyle perfectly. As a new mom, leaving my house for a workout is challenging. I loved that I could spend 30 minutes, or even 6 minutes, in a single day and squeeze in an entire workout. By the end, I lost 5 pounds, and felt more fit and energetic.”  – Ashley Scatena (Tabata Bootcamper)

“Elena has a passion for fitness! I am so glad I went through her Winter Bootcamp! I signed up for bootcamp thinking it was going to be a couple of workouts during the week, but it was so much more! The twice a week workouts coupled with the online component gave me the tools and motivation I needed to make some positive changes in my life. I am getting more movement into my day, toning up those hard to get to places, and eating more mindfully. I didn’t join class to lose weight, but I have lost 8 pounds and several inches in my waist, hips, and arms. It is exciting to see the results and I can’t wait for Spring Bootcamp! Thank you for your amazing classes Elena!”  – Jean Luigi (Tabata Bootcamper and Zumba® Fan)

I completed my first bootcamp ever! It was awesome. I feel really proud of myself. I do feel stronger and am excited to continue down this path of becoming healthier. Elena is a wonderful trainer! She is energetic, compassionate about fitness and nonjudgmental and understanding of the different levels people are at. She made me feel welcomed and accepted. As someone who is overweight and self conscious about it, enrolling in the Tabata Bootcamp™, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thank you Elena for believing in me and motivating me to try it out. I can’t wait for the next bootcamp to start. I have SMART goals to continue working on.  – Nikole Ramirez (Tabata Bootcamper)

“Elena is so full of energy and motivation! She provides feedback and clear instructions on movements with various options so you can choose what works for you! I am so blessed to have found her. She has changed my life! Her Zumba® classes are always fun and full of energy. Tabata Bootcamp™ is my new way to exercise. I’ve lost weight and inches while I’ve gained strength. Thank you, Elena!!!”  Rana Jackson (Zumba® Enthusiast & Tabata Bootcamper, pictured below – September 2015, November 2015, & March 2016)

Rana - Front - Sep, Nov, Mar
Rana - Side - Sep, Nov, Mar

“I have had the pleasure of being a part of Elena’s Tabata Bootcamp™ 2 times now! This class is incredibly motivating and effective! Elena does an amazing job catering to all different fitness levels by providing many different options and suggestions throughout the course. You never feel pressured or discouraged, it’s all about doing your best for your body. It is such a positive environment to get an amazing workout and be educated on a healthy lifestyle! Elena is truly the best!”  – Stephanie Maeda (Tabata Bootcamper)

“The Tabata Bootcamp™ was a great programnot just a good workout, but great suggestions for making healthy life choices regarding nutrition and fitness. Elena is a wonderful instructor who is very motivating and supportive. The other participants were also a very friendly and welcoming group. Would highly recommend it to anyone trying to stay in shape, reach their fitness goals, or improve their overall health, strength, and nutrition.”  – Jacky Dosick (Tabata Bootcamper)

“I am very pleased with my results from the Tabata Bootcamp™ program I did with Elena. I really enjoyed the group dynamic mixed with the at-home components. Through daily movement and following the eating guidelines provided I was able to lose about one pound per week (4.8 pounds total)! I also tightened my core and learned eating tips that have helped me keep the weight off. This is a safe and reasonable (no gimmick!) program to help you get healthy.”  Trish Litke (Tabata Bootcamper)

“Elena is energetic. She is a great motivator, you feel like you have your own personal trainer.”  – Carmen Laurean (Tabata Bootcamper)

“Elena is a great instructor and her classes are fun, energetic, and they truly give you a great workout! She will accommodate the workouts to fit your individual needs which is ideal for me! If you want fun and a great workout come and join any of her classes you will not be disappointed!”  – Patrice DeClusin (Zumba® Enthusiast)

“Elena’s Tabata Bootcamp™ and Zumba® classes are fantastic! She is high energy, supportive, and attentive to the different needs of class participants. She creates an incredibly positive culture in class—her energy is contagious and she helps participants take health and fitness seriously without losing the fun in the process. She includes a lot of her own flare/choreography and plays great music. I definitely recommend attending Tabata Bootcamp™ or Zumba® (or both) with Elena!
– Sara McClellan (Zumba® Enthusiast & Tabata Bootcamper)

“Tabata Bootcamp™ is a great way to get a full body workout, regardless of your fitness level. Elena has so many modifications in place that it’s impossible to fail. The encouragement of fellow bootcampers and Elena creates a welcoming environment that makes it possible for everyone to do their best.”  Pritika Chand (Tabata Bootcamper)

“I never go to another Zumba® instructor! Elena is the most upbeat, helpful, and enthusiastic about fitness and having fun at the same time.”
– Kristin Livanis-Guirguis (Zumba® Fan)

“I have been in Elena’s Zumba® class for almost a year and both of her Tabata Bootcamp™ program sessions. Elena rocks! I love her positive energy. She motivates without being a “drill sergeant” and I am always glad I went to class! I’ve dropped over 10 pounds, am developing noticeably better muscle tone, and have had a great time doing it!
Lisa Webber (Tabata Bootcamper & Zumba® Enthusiast)

“Elena is an amazing motivator and her Tabata Bootcamp™ is excellent for people of all fitness levels! I run a lot, and before Tabata my running had plateaued and I was looking for a way to build better overall fitness. Between the onsite classes, the daily homework, the extra challenges Elena provided, and the nutrition suggestions, this was a great tool to get more fit. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I built a ton of muscle and strength over a short time. I also dropped over 10 minutes off my half marathon time (almost a minute faster per mile than I had been running)!”
– Sarah Larson (Tabata Bootcamper)