Outdoor Fitness in Lumphini Park (Bangkok, Thailand)

Lumphini Park is such an active place to observe locals and visitors alike braving the consistently humid heat to move! Hundreds of people flock here to jog, walk, use the outdoor fitness equipment, lift weights (yes, there is a section of the park with an outdoor gym), etc. There’s also an indoor fitness center we passed while walking through the park ourselves, complete with equipment, classes, and (presumably) air-conditioning! (I couldn’t find a group fitness class schedule online, so those wanting to take part will need to physically go into the facility to inquire; unfortunately, I got sick during our final days in Bangkok and never made it back there myself).

Outdoor fitness equipment (actually being used!) while others walk or jog by

At one point during our walk, we began hearing music and a voice over a loudspeaker. Alas, it was an outdoor aerobics class! I learned afterwards that there are a couple of classes like this offered for FREE in the evenings starting around 5:00 p.m. (not sure about weekends). Needless to say, I was captivated by this public gathering of movement!

I, of course, couldn’t resist jumping in a couple of times to join the dozens of people participating in the outdoor aerobics class! The instructor was on a loudspeaker giving instructions in Thai, and I could barely see her in my first spot, so I did my best to follow those around me!

At 6:00 p.m., we witnessed all activity abruptly come to a halt as music played over loudspeakers and everyone stood in silence. We later learned that the National Anthem played as people paid their respects to the King by stopping what they were doing to observe a moment of silence. What neat cultural exposure to be in the midst of! Apparently, this happens twice per day throughout the cityalthough this was the only time we saw it for ourselves.

Bangkok Skyline from Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park has a unique vibe to it with all of its activity, in a rare, large green space found in the midst of the city. It reminded me a bit of Central Park in New York City, but with its own flavor; I can’t compare it exactly to anywhere else I’ve been.

You can even spot these big, creepy-looking lizards crawling around; even these guys are active in Lumphini Park!

With the weather (presumably) warming up where you are this time of year, I encourage you to get outside and move! Go for walks and take your dedicated workouts outdoors.

What do YOU do for fitness outdoors? Have you ever visited a public, outdoor space like this with activity everywhere?