My Tabata Bootcamp Trainer Summit Experience

Tabata Bootcamp BeachOn the beach in Santa Cruz just outside of our training room at The Dream Inn!Me & Mindy

Me and Mindy Mylrea, the Creator of the Tabata Bootcamp™ program!SushiOf course, I ate sushi! 🙂

As many of you know, I recently spent time in Santa Cruz for the 1st Annual Tabata Bootcamp™ Trainer Summit with Mindy Mylrea and about 50 fellow Tabata Bootcamp™ Trainers Nationwide (and a few from Mexico and Canada, too)! I could go on and on about what a GREAT experience it was to network, train with Mindy, learn, and grow as a Trainer running my own independent, small business! I’m SO excited to implement what I’ve learned personally and with my current and future bootcampers to further enhance each and every person’s experience training with me!

Here is some fun information I learned that I’d love to share with you:

1) The Tabata Bootcamp™ program was launched in late 2012/early 2013, so it’s one of the NEWEST, HOTTEST, EFFECTIVE, QUICKLY GROWING HIIT formats to hit (<— you like what I did there? lol) the fitness industry over the past few years! (By the way, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training). And that’s just the exercise portion of what the program has to offer, as those of you who have trained with me have personally experienced!

2) I am 1 of about 5,000 Certified Tabata Bootcamp™ Trainers Nationwide currently, and that number is constantly increasing; there is a need to add more Master Trainers, who lead the Certification trainings, to Mindy’s team to support the demand.

3) The common saying, “It takes 21 days to change a habit”, comes from developing a 1960’s post-surgery habit. Therefore, it does not necessarily make sense that it would apply to behavior change in health/fitness in today’s world, does it? What an unfair, arbitrary expectation. In fact, it can take longer to make sustainable, long-term behavioral changes, so it is not surprising to me that Tabata Bootcamp™ program sessions run for 4-8 weeks at a time (and often times, participants sign-up for multiple program sessions to support them in continuing their wellness journeys)! This is not a quick fix program and instead focuses on lasting, gradual changes participants are mindful of integrating into their lives by breaking their long-term goals down into short-term, attainable steps to ultimately achieve the big picture and celebrate their successes along the way (and tweak their game plans as they see fit, with Trainer support when needed).

4) Your BUTT is the BOSS when you’re squatting! That means, you LEAD with your BUTT! (I LOVE this cue; when I announced it to my current bootcampers in our onsite class after I had just returned from the Trainer Summit, it was like magic to see everyone mindfully adjust)!

5) “It’s not about being thin, it’s about being WELL.” I really loved this quote when I heard it at the Trainer Summit, because it resonates with me personally and with what I encourage my bootcampers to consider. We ideally want to be healthy, functional, happy, and comfortable in our own skin. We want to feel strong, capable, and confident in ourselves. Who wants to focus on being skinny (as if skinny = happy) when you can focus on learning to be WELL through positive behavior change, sound nutrition, and effective exercise! (Note: Results my bootcampers have experienced from their participation in my program sessions include not only weight loss, but losing inches, improving muscle strength and endurance, having more energy to go about each day, eating more mindfully and as an informed consumer, getting more movement into their daily lives, building new and positive friendships with fellow bootcampers, etc. Did I mention building lean muscle tone?)

6) The Featured Daily Recipes on the Tabata Bootcamp™ website are ALL plant-based. (Note: This is a Trainer/Trainee benefit to take note of if you are considering a future Tabata Bootcamp™ program session with me, as we have access to an awesome, healthy recipe database, vetted by a Registered Dietitian, on our private section of the website!)

Overall, I feel like I’ve enhanced my skill set as a Trainer and fitness professional by participating in the Summit this year. I look forward to sharing more with everyone!

Feel free to check out more of my photos below!

Elena 🙂

Morning workout on beachSunday early (7:00 a.m.) morning workout on the beach
with Mindy, some Master Trainers, and my fellow Trainers
(it was COLD, but I did it)!

Me & DeAnneI met a fellow Trainer/new friend, DeAnne, from Indiana
(the sun was directly in our faces in this photo, if you can’t tell, LOL)!

View from Training RoomView from our training room windows at The Dream Inn,
which is where many of the online video workouts,
led by Mindy, were recorded.