My New Health/Fitness/Wellness Blog!


I have some exciting news: I’ve decided to start this official Health/Fitness/Wellness Blog on my website! I’ve been sending out a monthly newsletter for about a year now to my current students and also maintain a private blog accessible to my Tabata Bootcampers exclusively, but I’m hoping to reach even more of you through this new medium to become a resource to those near and far from where I live and teach my classes. I also have established and developed social media accounts focused on my health, fitness, and wellness world as I’ve grown my following of students and trainees over the years (which may be how you’ve come to know about my website and this new blog), and I plan to continue to keep those updated and fresh as well (and I’ve gotten involved in some new ones recently, like Instagram – follow me @WorkinItWithElena)!

If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to see me focus on in my blog posts, I’m all ears! This blog is meant to be a resource for YOU, so tell me what you want to read about!

Here’s to my new endeavor – Stay tuned!

Elena 🙂
(aka Workin’ It w/ Elena)

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