I teach Zumba® Fitness, Cardio Kickboxing, Dance Fitness, and Tabata Express™ classes on a drop-in basis. I offer the Tabata Bootcamp™ program in 6- or 8-week sessions, where the cost is fully paid upfront when registering. I have also taught other group fitness class formats (e.g. Step Aerobics, Cardio/Strength Interval, Group Strength Training) previously. I’m constantly expanding my knowledge and skill set as a Group Fitness Instructor and Trainer, so I may offer occasional or regular classes of varying formats in the future. Please check out the sub headings within this category to find out more about my current class offerings.

*Please note: As of August 2016, I am traveling long-term, so my onsite class schedule is on hiatus until I return. In the meantime, I am offering Virtual Bootcamp program sessions while pursuing travel experiences.*