Pursue a healthy, happy lifestyle through regular exercise, mindful eating, living simply and humbly, and following your passion! I’m here to provide you with the resources to make it happen and strive to be a tangible example through my own life choices and experiences!


My husband and I are currently traveling the world long-term (learn more about it on my About page and check out our blog to follow where our journey takes us)! Our hope is that in openly sharing our candid experiences, we can provide a window into what different places geographically, including their cultures and lifestyles, are like, and moreover, what it’s like to put the comfortable life we know in California on pause to instead live out of backpacks, traveling mostly overland, open to exploration and absorbing what we find, for the indefinite future. Whether you want to live vicariously through us because you wouldn’t dare do what we are, you’re looking for ideas and tips for your own future travel endeavors, you’re curious what we’re up to, or a mix of all of the above, we invite you to join us virtually along the way through our photos and stories!

For me, this travel journey has been a unique opportunity to incorporate my world of fitness by experiencing various group exercise class formats and instructors in U.S. states outside of California and in countries abroad, and at times teaching as well. I am fortunate to have these enriching encounters with not just the class content, but with the instructors and students I meet in these environments along the way. I love sharing what I find and am confident these experiences are enhancing my abilities as an instructor long-term to better serve my client base upon my return home!

I truly am living my dream and would love to help you live yours!